Cassie Cupcake, Canine Campaigner

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Cassie is one of the most enthusiastic members of my campaign team. She's committed to making Canberra an even more dog friendly place. Cassie is primarily concerned with ensuring there are enjoyable and accessible places for walks, socializing with other dogs and playing fetch with a ball.

We rescued Cassie, a Border Collie Cross who's now 4 years years old, from the Queanbeyan pound. Her hobbies include being cuddled by her family, playing on trampolines, chewing on bones and herding chickens (even though she appears to lack the essential instincts to herd well). One of Cassies favourite things to do is sit in puddles where she can cool down and stare at the chickens.

Cassie loves befriending other dogs (and humans) in her electorate, so please follow her adventures by liking her Facebook page

Cassie Stats

Name: Cassie Cupcake, Canine Campaigner

Breed: Border Collie cross

Age:  4 years years old 

Lives: Dunlop, ACT


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